A County Award for Amateur Radio Contacts with All of Georgia's 159 Counties

The WAG Award is back!

Georgia CountiesEver wonder why a state the size of Georgia would have 159 counties? California, which is THREE times as big, only has 58. So why 159 for Georgia? Some people say it's to provide a more fertile environment for, um, "local politics." Others say it's so that every person in the state could go by mule from his home to the county seat and back in one day.

We think not. We think that, in a moment of clairvoyant foreknowledge, our state leaders knew that Ham Radio operators of the next century would appreciate a challenge, and structured the present administrative nightmare solely for the benefit of our hobby!

(For the real history and geography of Georgia counties, see the Georgia Counties Page of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia.)

LaGrange ARCAfter a period of slumber, the "Worked All Georgia" award is back. The LaGrange Amateur Radio Club, with the support of the Georgia Section of the ARRL, is proud to continue, the "Worked All Georgia" Award. The WAG Award is open to radio amateurs who can provide proof of two-way radio amateur radio contact with all 159 counties in the state of Georgia. This award is nice complement to the annual Georgia QSO Party, which in fact would be a good time to work on some of those hard-to-get counties. The award is embodied in a nice certificate.

All contacts count, old and new -- so pull out the QSL cards and see how close you already are. The details of the WAG Award are as follows:

Fee: Free!

For further information, or to submit your application, please contact:
        Edward A. "Skip" Kazmarek (K4EAK)
        1190 Byrnwyck Road
        Atlanta, GA 30319

Thanks for your support and work those Georgia counties!

For those of you who may have submitted an application form and not received your certificate, please accept my apologies. A personal situation led to a disruption of the award program and we're just now getting the program back on track. Please resubmit your application, or contact Skip Kazmarek at the above e-mail address, and we'll get it straightened out.

Page last modified: 5 November 2009